By Isaac Newton Tetteh.

Nsutem (E/R) Dec. 27. Sompa Care Foundation a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in the Eastern Region has feted over 200 children at Nsutem, a community in the Fanteakwa South district also in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The gesture, which formed part of activities to climax the launch of the Sompa Care foundation, saw several needy and destitute children from some selected communities converging at the community park for the Sompa Care Foundation event.

In an interview with Ms Daniela Odum founder, Sompa care Foundation noted that it was very important serious attention was paid to the needs of children within the various communities.

Ms Odum added that children were gifts from God and it remained the responsibility of government and parents to take very good care of the children adding that during festive seasons like the yuletide the welfare of children must be of grave concern to everyone.

According to her, Sompa Care Foundation took up the challenge to at least provide some hot meals for the over 200 needy and destitute children so as to give them some reason to smile during the festive season.

She called on benevolent organizations, Faith Based Organization (FBOs) and the government to support the Sompa Care Foundation to reach out to many more children during festive season.

Ms Odum again hinted that the future of every country depended on its children saying, the wellbeing of every child must be prioritized in all facets of the national economy.

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