Members of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the Kpone -Katamanso Constituency in the Greater Accra Region have pledged to retain their incumbent constituency Chairman as a way of showing their appreciation toward his sterling performance over the years.

Several branch executives in an interview with in Kpone, after candidates who wished to contest the various positions in the party at the constituency level filed their nominations stated that, the party in the constituency has seen some tremendous changes as compared to the previous years.

The branch executives noted that they would do all they could within their means to ensure the incumbent Chairman was maintained. According to them, had it not been for the proactive leadership of the constituency Chairman, the Kpone -Katamanso parliamentary seat would have been won by the ruling New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for the 2020 elections.

The Kpone -Katamanso branch executives revealed that there were some tensions between the former MP and the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area over some alleged skirt and blouse votes trend during the 2016 elections, and same was bound to repeat in the 2020 election as it offered the former MP an opportunity to payback the current MP what he did to him in the 2016 polls after the current MP lost the Parliamentary primaries.

The executives noted that the constituency chairman led a team of some National and Regional executives to meet with the former MP to let go of the pass and allow peace to prevail, and that, according to them was what performed the magic for the NDC to open over 12,000 votes gap against the NPP in the 2020  parliamentary elections and over 17,000 votes difference in the presidential polls.

They again stated that the incumbent chairman has for the first time managed to institute a welfare scheme for the branch executives in the constituency stressing that over 120 people have so far benefitted from the scheme adding that, the constituency chairman would do more to improve the welfare of the branch executives .

Mr Nicholas Oko Ofei Dagadu Kpone-Katamanso NDC constituency chairman,  popularly known in the area as ‘General Nikuz’ stated that his main focus was to ensure the party improved on its electoral fortunes in the constituency adding that 2024 would be a tough election and the party would  need some experienced and strategic minds to ensure the NDC wins.

He also called on branch executives to assess the credibility of the candidates so as to elect the right executives to stir the affairs of the party until the next conference, saying candidates should pursue healthy, precise and clean campaigns and must desist from  insults and unsubstantiated allegations for political expediency.

Mr Ofei said Ghanaians needed a change and the NDC remained the only alternative to bring such change so as to restore hopes back into the citizens after political power was won from the New patriotic party in next general elections. observed that 54 aspirants filed to contest the various positions of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Kpone-Katamanso Constituency, the elections are however, expected to come on  22nd October 2022 in Kpone.

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