Sunny Awamini, a Nigerian national leading a fraudulent enterprise in Ghana has been detained into lawful custody for the second time after failing to meet his bail term.

The suspect, 52, who was arrested for defrauding a Ukrainian business magnate for $6.5 million in a precious wood (teak) scam rather presented fake documents of properties to EOCO in order to meet his bail requirement of GHS20 million.

However, checks by EOCO from Lands Commission revealed that the first set of documents he submitted for landed properties have all proved to be fake and non existing.

He has again submitted more documents and properties for valuation at Lands Commission belonging to sureties and there has been alleged criminal attempts to inflate values of the properties to meet the bail condition and set him free.

The suspect is said to have also made several attempts to compromise investigators but to no avail.

As at today, Investigators don’t know his place of residence, yet attempts are made to secure him bail.


According to deep throat sources at EOCO, the suspect met Mazen Farakh in December 2018 during which the latter expressed interest in purchasing expensive wood (teak).

Sam after receiving the sum of $6.5 million from the Ukrainian businessman sent photographs of fake pallets of teak stored in custom bonded warehouses and promised to get the goods delivered to Ukraine.

Additionally Information

Sunny Awamini alias Sam is apparently a wanted man by interpol and Nigeria security apparatus having been in the hunt for him for several years.

EOCO after doing a diligent work sought collaboration from their Nigerian counterparts and were informed that Sam has been a wanted man and operates a criminal gang of fraudulent enterprise in Nigeria for a very long time.


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