NF-(OYIBI)- The Kpone -Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) in the Greater Accra Region has ended its 2022 first quarter town hall meeting in Oyibi, a community within the municipality.

The town hall meeting was held at all four zonal councils across the Municipality which included Kpone, KAMSBEG, ZEKKAS, and the ONSBAK zonal councils.

Mr Noble Atsu Ahadzie Kpone-Katamanso Municipal budget analyst in his remark re-emphasized the need for residents to cooperate with the Municipal Assembly in the discharge its mandated duties within the municipality.

The budget analyst assured the resident that the Municipal Assembly would continue to render its account to them so as they would be abreast with all the needed information they might require from the Assembly as far as development was concerned.

Mr Atsu Ahadzie further charged residents to help the Municipal Assembly rake in more revenue by mobilizing its internal resources to bring progressive development to the people adding that the Assembly Members together with their elected unit committee members would soon be assigned a duty to localize the collections of Basic rates in their respective electoral areas.

Mr Joseph Kwesi Gbeze Presiding Member Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly stated that the local government act 936 (2016) have mandated the Municipal Assembly to constitute the Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC) to adjudicate on some sensitive issues between aggrieved residents within the municipality.

According to him residents should not hesitate to report issues that needed serious attention to the appropriate offices for the needed action to be taken.

The Presiding Member added that residents should embrace the Operation Clean your Frontage program and ensure that their immediate surroundings were kept clean at all times.
The participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and also make suggestions where necessary.

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