NF-(Sebrepor)- Residents within Kakasunanka, Sebrepor, Nmlitsakpo Bethlehem and Gbetsile (KAMSBEG) Zonal Council in the Kpone -Katamanso Municipality have been urged to frequently pay their basic rates to the Municipal Assembly.

Speaking at a town hall meeting organized by the Municipal Assembly in Sebrepor Mr Noble Atsu Ahadzie Kpone -Katamanso Municipal Budget Analyst stated that paying of basic rates was a civic responsibility by all well-meaning citizens.

He mentioned that the Municipal Assembly needed to rake in enough revenue so as to be able to execute more developmental projects.

Mr Noble Atsu Ahadzie stated that there was a legal framework that mandated the various Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to collect various rates levies from the citizens for developmental purposes saying that residents are required to pay annual basic rates of Ghs 5.00

According to him, sections 144 of the local governance act 936 (2016) required that the MMDAs as part of its measures to generate revenue internally, should encourage residents within its operational areas to pay their various rates to the Assemblies.

Mr Ahadzie further hinted that the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly could not rely only on funds from the central government for every developmental project adding that 60 percent of the Assemblies annual revenue was from the Internally Generated Funds (IGF).

The Budget Analyst stated that the Municipal Assembly has valued all properties within its jurisdiction stressing that it was required of the resident to also pay their property rates so as to rake in the needed revenue for developmental projects in their local communities.

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