NF-(Kpone) Mr Samuel Okoe Amankwah, Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Chief Executive has said that the Assembly and traditional leaders of Kpone would be meeting with management of industries in the municipality to discuss on ways they could collaborate to develop the area.

Mr Amankwah said this was necessitated to also create the relationship to pave way for the youth of the Municipality to get work to do after completing their various schooling.

The MCE disclosed this during a fund raising ceremony by the members of the Kpone Sanshie Weku towards some developmental projects.

He added that a meeting between the management of the Tema Development Company(TDC) and the Ghana Freezone Authority would be held stressing that portions of lands were released by them to some investors.

According to him, they have realized that because the lands were given to the investors by the TDC and the Freezone without recognizing the landowners, most of the time when the traditional leaders and the Assembly try getting close to the companies for support it yielded no result.

He appealed to the companies to channel some of their corporate social responsibility activities to help address some developmental issues in the various areas of the Municipality.

The MCE also pleaded with residents to exercise patience with the Assembly towards the provision of the needed amenities, as according to him, they recognized that there were many needs of residents such as bad roads, and school infrastructure, among others that needed to be addressed and was therefore working towards achieving them.

“I plead with residents to have patience so many things are not going well, roads, school buildings, work among others but before we can achieve that we need to be one, we should not rush to do somethings, the companies must recognize us as the landowners and listen to our pleas for help,” he said.

Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I, Gbetseli Mantse and member of the Sanshie Weku on his part said the family realized that there was the need for them to put resources together to enable them to build their clan and embark on other projects.

Nii Sune I added that it was also their aim to get the younger ones into schools and encourage them to reach the highest point academically, therefore, they would also form an educational fund to cater for the needy but poor residents.

He also reiterated the need for unity among residents especially natives as according to him that was the only way they could achieve whatever they put their mind to.

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