NF-(Bethlehem)The Avian In-fluenza H5N1 sub-type popularly known as Bird flu has ravaged about 1,015 birds in a single poultry farm in Bethlehem a community in the Kpone -Katamanso Municipality in the Greater Accra Region.

The Name of the latest poultry farm affected has been withheld due to the level of mortalities recorded and the subsequent effect the outbreak had on the farmer.

Confirming the outbreak to the Ghana News Agency Dr. Emmanuel Kwao Pecku Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Veterinary Officer stated that cases of the outbreak was reported to his outfit by a poultry farmer in Bethlehem.

Dr. Emmanuel Pecku further stated that the Farmer reported of sudden mortalities in her farm saying Antigen test conducted on the farm was positive for the Avian influenza.

He added that samples were taken to the Accra Veterinary laboratory after which it was confirmed positive for the H5N1 sub-type.

He explained that the Municipal Veterinary officers in collaboration with the Kpone Katamanso Municipal health directorate deployed health officers to the farm to keep surveillance whilst plans were advanced to depopulate the birds so as to curb the spread into other farms.

According to the Municipal Veterinary officer the affected poultry farm has about 1,060-layer birds out of which 1,015 birds were destroyed adding that another 30 crates of eggs were also destroyed to protect the general public from consuming it.

Dr. Pecku called on the Government and other benevolent organizations to pay critical attention to the plight of farmers who were affected by the H5N1 sub-types endemic and also provide them with Virkon disinfectant so as to disinfect the affected farms to prevent future outbreak.

He revealed that due to the zoonotic nature of the strain health expert were dealing with, farmers were encouraged to report sudden death of their birds to the veterinary Officers to ascertain the cause and take the needed action so as to prevent future outbreaks in the various farms dotted across the municipality.

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