NF-(Tema) The Marymount International School, located at Tema Community 25, on Saturday graduated its pioneer Junior High School leavers, and others with an advice for children to cherish hard work to enable them to be achievers in future.

The ceremony saw 21 JHS leavers, 52 year six, and 50 kindergarten pupils graduating to various stages of their academic journey.

Mrs Diana Pearl Noye, Director of Marymount Int. Sch., congratulated the basic school graduates, and urged them to continue their academic journey with hard work for a better future.

Mrs Noye said, “hard work pays, as you work hard, urge on, sacrifice, read more, and learn, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

She reminded the children that every adult including their parents and teachers were once like them, adding that with hard work they were able to reach their current positions, and so they would if they put in more effort.

She urged the JHS leavers to remember the good things that the school and their parents had imparted into them while journeying on to senior secondary schools, stressing that they must remember that they always have a chance to rise again when they fall on the way.

She further encouraged them to be committed, persevere, and be respectful to enable them reach their full potential academically and beyond.

Mrs Emilia Norley Sakyi, Deputy Director of Education in charge of Private School in the Ningo-Prampram District, who chaired the ceremony said discipline was essential in life as it helped children to differentiate good from bad.

Mrs Sakyi said, “when we discipline our children we help them to know the truth and be able to tell the difference between good and bad, children must understand that discipline is necessary, when you are young you see it as punishment but when you grow you will value it and appreciate your parents for disciplining you while you are young.”

She appealed to parents, teachers, and care takers to teach children good values as it was also important in shaping the future of the children and help them to think as they grow into adults.

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