Begoro (E/R) – The Fanteakwa North Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) have schooled members of the Inter-party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) on violent extremism and terrorism in Begoro the district capital of Fanteakwa North in the Eastern Region.

Miss Cynthia Essel Fanteakwa North NCCE director, stated that the purpose of the program was aimed at creating a common platform for dialogue among political party activists and other stakeholders on effective ways to identify early signals of extremist violence, community surveillance and measures to counter radicalization of the youth.

She further added that the Inter-Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) Meeting on Violent Extremism and Terrorism was also to help promote peace and order in the country.

Ms Essel further hinted that the recent emergence of terrorists and successionist groups across the sub-region presupposes that it was time the key stakeholders be reminded to be on the alert to avert any unforeseen situation that tended to destabilize the peaceful co-existence in the country.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Dennis Kodah, Fanteakwa district police command, noted that, a person who engages in terrorist act commits an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a term of imprisonment of not less than seven years and not exceeding twenty-five years.

He said residents should have absolute confidence in the police and report any suspicious character to the police for swift actions.

ASP Kodah explained that citizens must obey the public order Act saying the police must be notified ahead of any special event within its operational areas.

He also advised residents to be extra vigilant within the communities, saying the criminals were always devising new strategies to trap unsuspecting individuals to steal their valuables.

Political party activists, the Clergy, leaders of youth groups, traders and some identifiable groups converged at the Fanteakwa North District Assembly Hall for the program.

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