NF-(KPONG)-The Kpong Local Tilapia Fishermen Association in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region has called on the Government to help remove weeds, which have taken a vast portion of the river.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr James Siaw, Chairman, Kpong Local Tilapia Fishermen Association, said hundreds of young men and women in Kpong depended on the Tilapia harbour for survival.

He said the current situation at the Tilapia harbour needed urgent attention to keep most of the young folks in business and explained that weeds have taken over vase portions of the river, a condition which he said was affecting their activities.

The Local Chairman said the fishermen were finding it very difficult to navigate through the thick weeds, saying they had to spend lots of money to fuel their outboard motor.

Mr Siaw called on the government through the Lower Manya Krobo District Assembly to as a matter of urgency clear the thick weeds on the river and also provide them with the subsidized premix fuel for their fishing expeditions.

Ms Mabel Morklah, the Kpong Tilapia Trader, appealed to the government to help in the construction of Fish Storage Facilities at the harbour to preserve their products from going bad.


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