Consumers of fuel, including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), have demanded that government intervenes to ensure that petroleum prices are reduced.

This is because there are hints of a seven percent increase in petroleum prices in less than 48 hours. The price of LPG is also set to increase by some 40 pesewas per kilo.

Spokesperson for the Oil Marketing Companies (OMC), Kwaku Agyeman Duah said the seven percent increase in the prices of fuel, will reflect at the pumps by Saturday morning.

“This is so volatile, it means there’s going to be increase. It means something has to be added. It’s usually the end of the window and beginning of the next window, we are just ending the 15th then we start on the 16th,” he stated.

Some of the consumers shared their concerns with Joy News about how the expected increase would affect them.

“The increase of the fuel price, we are not agreeing with it, so we are pleading with the government to reduce the price of the fuel,” one consumer said.

Another fuel consumer who also lamented over the increase said “it’s going to worry us a lot as the consumers because whenever things are increased, it affect lives a lot.”

“In view of what they’ve already proposed with the LPG gas, we would like to plead with the government to do something about it because with the standard of living now in Accra, it’s getting higher,” another said.

That notwithstanding, government has announced the removal of levies for the next two months adding up to 16 pesewas as a means of cushioning consumers.

Head of Communications at the NPA Abdul Kudus explained that the levies suspended by government will only come into effect once Parliament grants approval.

Levies suspended by government will only come into effect after parliamentary approval – Abdul Kudus
“I think it comes under the fees and charges act or something. So Parliament must certainly look at it. Like I said we’ll be looking at the next pricing window, its possible Parliament will take the decision tomorrow I’m not too sure,” he said.

But former Deputy Power Minister and Ranking Member on the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, John Jinapor disagrees with the NPA.

He questioned government’s commitment to cushioning the general public against the effects of the hikes in fuel prices.

According to him, government can make use of the stabilization fund which does not require parliamentary approval.

You don’t need Parliamentary approval to utilise Price Stabilisation Levy – John Jinapor to NPA
“The essence of the Price Stabilisation Levy is to accumulate money, so that when there is an increment that we are expecting, you can fall on that to cushion consumers. I am surprised that the NPA says that they are waiting for Parliament to resume,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers Association, Gabriel Kum has said that government should focus on permanently scrapping these levies, adding that their sale points will increase prices but not much will change with regards to the suspended levies.

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