Ghana’s chief imam Sheikh Osman Sharubutu has donated more than $8,000 (£5,800) to support the construction of a controversial national cathedral.

Ghana has a history of inter-religious harmony, although the donation is regarded as unusual.

The 102-year-old cleric said the gesture was to strengthen peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims.

The leader of Ghana’s minority Muslim community has said before that he wants to ensure that his legacy is peace.

Two years ago, he attended an Easter Catholic Church service – causing a stir on social media.

The government recently launched an initiative to encourage Ghanaians to donate money towards the construction of the cathedral.

It is to be built in the capital, Accra, and is expected to cost more than $100m.

The complex, to be completed in 2024, is to include a Bible Museum and a 5,000-seat auditorium.

Although it will be privately funded, many have criticised the project, describing it as a misplaced priority given the current economic climate

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