By Carl Benson

(Kpone) Some Assembly members of the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly are not happy with the position of the Kpone katamanso municipality Assembly on the 2020 Local Government Service (LGS) performance contract .

In an interview with, Mr. Godwin Owusu Tuah government appointee to the Assembly stated that, the result do not depict the status of KKMA.

He stressed that, the kpone katamanso Municipal Assembly had every resources it needed to perform better than what it did in the year ending 2020.

According to the government appointee KKMA has on two consecutive times been adjourned the best Municipal Assembly in respect to Internally Generated Fund (IGF).

He argued that, what could account for the poor performance of the kpone katamanso Assembly on the national score board.

‘It’s beats my imagination that we are not even part of the top 10 MMDAs’, he fumed.

Mr.Jerry Adjorlolo elected Assembly member, Sraha electoral area, explained that, the Municipal Assembly could do better when resources were put to prudent use.

Mr. Adjorlolo further hinted that it was time the political head (MCE) and the the administrative head (MCD) strategised to redeem the image of the Assembly from such an abysmal performance.
According to him, the Assembly Members were doing well even with the inadequate resources at their disposal.
‘Kpone katamanso deserves better’ he added.

The 2020 Annual LGS performance contract put the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly on the 73rd position with a total rating of 78.32.

The Local Government Service (LGS) as part of it duties evaluated reports nd ranked the 16 Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs) including the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblys in the country.

The LGS, in line with its mission statement, developed comprehensive Performance Management Systems (PMS) that is based on agreed Service Delivery Standards(SDS) operationalised through the PMS at all levels.

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