Executive Secretary of the LGBT hate group The National Coalition For Proper Sexual Rights And Family Values, Moses Foh Amoaning is back with his anti-gay agenda.

Foh Amoaning is loudly in support of the anti-LGBT+ bill presented before parliament by a committee led by Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament Sam George, who has been busy defending the bill all media over the past week,insisting the bill will be passed come what may.

Social media has been buzzing with some celebrities lending their voices in speaking against the anti-LGBT+ bill. Sister Derby, a vocal ally attacked Sam George for his ignorant tweets and it ended in tears as the MP did not hesitate to drag the African Mermaid from her career to her ex Medikal.

Foh Amoaning was on Joy SMS earlier today spewing ignorance and blaming gay people for broken homes, daring to desecrate the rainbow flag by adopting it for their agenda and having a grand agenda to turn everyone into a homosexual.

The irony of Foh Amoaning’s anti-gay advocacy is in the fact that he’s an albino, and we all know how stigmatized people like him get.It is so bad that in certain places Albinos are hunted and killed for various reasons. It is expected that Foh Amoaning who belongs to a marginalized community like that would be more empathetic towards other marginalized groups but the exact opposite is the case.

This is something Lydia Forson just couldn’t overlook and tweeted her reservations. “Activists are fighting against the hunting and killing of people who look like you for their body parts in some countries; all because they’re seen as “different”. Meanwhile you that’s endured discrimination want to do same to others? This is so confusing to me” she wondered.


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