NF-(Saki)- Nii Emmanuel Tetteh Oglie II Chief of Kpone Nmlitsakpo(Saki) has cautioned the Tema Development Company (TDC) and the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) over what he called a grand scheme to unlawfully take lands that belong to the Nmlitsakpo stool.

Addressing the media on the said peace of land at community 25 annex in the Kpone Katamanso Municipality,Nii Tetteh Oglie II stated that,the land in contention was owned by the Nmlitsakpo stool and that Tema Development Company do not have the rights to allocate that land to any individual or entity without any due diligent.

According to the Chief,the said land was about 2000 acreage and part have been released to the Volta River Authority (VRA) for their thermal plant project when Ghana was facing the power crises.

he added that some individuals has used clandestine means to acquire some portions of the lands leaving only about 50 acreage which according to him was under surveillance.

Nii Tetteh Oglie further explained that, several letters have been sent to the office of the president to intervene but no response has come out yet.
The chief further appealed to the president stop any one who uses the office of the president to procure lands saying it have the tendency of denigrating the presidency.

The Nmlitsakpo chief further alleged that some persons from the Tema Oil Refinery were behind the agenda to sell out the said land to friends in higher authority for their personal use.

Responding to the issue, Mr.Ian Okwei protocol and Administrative officer TDC, revealed that,indeed the lands in contention falls withing the TDC acquisition area, adding that aggrieved parties could do a check with the lands commission to ascertain owners of lands before they purchase them.

He added that the said land was allocated to the Tema Oil Refinery for staff accommodation purposes in 2006.

According to him TOR was paying grand rent to TDC on the property since 2006.
He noted that the land was a reserved land which the military used for some period after which TDC took custody of the land.

He also called on the chief to produce documents on the piece of land to verify his claims.

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