By Katie Wright & Becky Morton

Excited fans across the country are watching England play Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Around 60,000 supporters are at Wembley while millions more are watching in pubs and at home.

Revellers also filled the streets and fan zones in central London ahead of the game.

At Wembley, footage showed dozens of fans trying to force their way past barriers to get into the stadium.

The Met Police said there was a “breach of security” in the afternoon “which resulted in a small number of people getting into the stadium without a ticket”.

“Officers worked closely with security officials to prevent any further breaches,” the force said in a statement.

“We will also support action by Wembley Stadium officials to identify those without tickets and eject them.”

A spokesperson for Wembley Stadium said it was working closely with stewards and security to remove “a small group of people” who got into the stadium without a ticket.

“Anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be instantly ejected,” the spokesperson added.
The Met Police said a large crowd also gathered near the fan zone in Trafalgar Square, attempting to push in without tickets.

The force said there were no more tickets or seats available in the fan zone and it was engaging with the crowd and telling them to disperse.

Fans also gathered at Leicester Square in central London, with many pubs in the area fully booked.

Those turned away have filled the streets, chanting and blaring air horns.

Ahead of the game, flares were set off outside King’s Cross station, while some fans climbed on top of a bus near Wembley Stadium.

Source: BBC

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